IntelliScanner - A Tracing Solution for Your Parts!

The IntelliScanner Shape Acquisition System is a sophisticated camera digitizer that is able to acquire the geometric data from cardboard models, paper patterns, sample gaskets & flanges, or many other parts without the use of an inefficient mouse pointer or traditional graphic digitizing tablets. The IntelliScanner automatically traces & auto-corrects the optical distortions of the camera - exporting the acquired geometry in a proprietary format ready to be cut on our ATOM flash knife cutting system, or in DXF format, to be imported into any CAD other system.

By simply placing the sample onto the working table, single or multiple components, the system automatically acquires the contour including possible notches, and/or uneven or irregular contour holes. In addition, the system will define and modify other cutting entities, such as: internal cuts, marks, noles with defined diameters, text & even quality areas.