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Proudly providing the Mountain West with sealing products, hose/hose assemblies, industrial process piping components, industrial gaskets & hoses, and exceptional customer service.

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24/7 Complex Cutting

Any Quantity

We cut complex custom shapes in any quantity 24 hours a day with fast turn-around times. Our support, communications and response time are second to none from initial call to delivery and follow up.

Custom Crimping & Hose Assembly 

Custom Abilities

We have the largest diameter hose crimping capability in Nevada with limits of up to 12" hose. We can provide custom assemblies for special services such as drilling, vacuum truck hoses and large diameter discharge hoses.

Superior Sealing Products

Tried & True

Braided Packing, Sheet Elastomers, Expansion Joints (metal, fabric and elastomeric), PTFE based Joint Sealants, PTFE encapsulated O-Rings and more.


Order with Confidence

We care about our customers, & guarantee that we will provide materials that allow you the best possible outcome.

When you call Olympus to place an order, we promise to take care of you. We pride ourselves on our unmatched customer service.

Whether you need a large-scale materials order or are looking for a custom solution, our team can help. We are a certified, trusted provider of industrial gaskets & hoses. Contact us today to request your free service quote. 

Custom Solutions for Industrial Gaskets & Hoses

Give us a call now! We love to help you find a solution that meets your needs.

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