Olympus Seal and Supply offers a great selection of gasket sealing products for virtually any industrial application. From low pressure water to extreme service… we have it covered! Contact us for help with your gasket needs today! 


Spiral Wound

Spiral Wound Gaskets are a precision-engineered solution for flanged joints, heat exchangers, boiler hand-holes, manways, & other high temperature, high pressure applications—providing resistance to virtually every known corrosive and toxic element. We stock 304SS and 316SS spiral wounds with inner rings and a graphite filler (Style CG). Our graphite filled spiral wound gaskets come standard with high grade APX2 graphite. We can competitively source any type of metal gasket your application requires. Here are a few of the metals we have provided in a spiral wound: 304, 316, 321, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium Grade 2, Titanium Grade 7, & more.




The outstanding chemical resistance of PTFE with increased dimensional stability. Engineered for processes ranging from cryogenic temperatures to 500°F & suitable for sealing virtually any chemical across the entire pH range (0-14). These material contain non-stick properties that aid in an easy removal process after usage to dramatically decrease the downtime on shutdown. All components are FDA compliant. The product’s clean nature make it excellent for use where product contamination is of concern, such as food, pharmaceuticals, & electronics. The chemical resistance and dimensional stability of the material ensures total sealing reliability and limits fugitive emissions.




We have access to all gasket materials on the market. If the sheets listed above will not work for your application let us know, we can have the needed sheet brought in quickly at a competitive price. All gasket sheets can be custom cut to your specification.




We stock a variety of sheet rubber. We can source and convert any type of rubber your project requires. All of these materials can be custom cut to your specification.



Additional Gasket

Olympus Seal and Supply carries additional gasket products for common applications. Please contact us for more information regarding your gasket needs. Heat exchanger gaskets are one of our specialties, and we can provide them cut from any sheet material or metal manufactured precisely to your flange.