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Dynapro Pumps

Dynapro Pumps products portfolio cover high pressure horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps, single and two stage process pumps, vertical single or multistage, radially or axially split, single or double casing type as well as reciprocating power driven and rotary positive displacement pumps. The pumps are in compliance with API 610 or ISO 13709, API 674, API 675, API 676, API 7K, NFPA 20, ANSI, and other world popular standards as well as meet the most severe service requirements.

Dynapro‘s world-class manufacturing plants include:
1. One of the largest slurry pump plants in the world that still produces the Warman pumps. The product is 100% interchangeable with Weir Warman. Dynapro has a sister plant with the same capabilities when there is higher demand to maintain quicker lead times than any OEM.
2. An original Galigher & Denver plant
3. The largest Horizontal Split Case and Vertical Turbine plants in the world with testing stations up to 7500HP.
By partnering with these state of the art plants to produce our pumps, we’ve ensured world class quality while keeping our overall costs and lead times down. In addition, all of our castings include material sample testing and our pumps are performance tested before delivery at no cost to you.


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