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Next Level Solutions Providers

Our years of experience and extensive training allow Olympus staff to identify and troubleshoot problems efficiently and provide real world solutions quickly. Olympus personnel care about your success and want to make your lives better by solving your toughest issues.  Contact us today.

Image of workers completing 24-hour custom gasket cutting

Automated and Custom Gasket Cutting

  • Complex custom shapes
  • Any quantity
  • 24-hour cutting ability
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Industry-leading response + support

Crimped Hose Assemblies

  • Largest diameter hose crimping capability in Nevada
  • Up to 12" hose
  • Custom assemblies for:
    • Drilling
    • Vaccuum Truck Hoses
    • Large Diameter Discharge Hoses
Image of an industrial seal provider working on large bore hose products

Field Measurement, Problem Analysis and Troubleshooting, Proper Design and Specification of Expansion Joints in Stainless / Duplex Alloys, Composite Fabric Belts or Elastomers

Field Measurement & Problem Analysis
Duct Expansion Joint

Custom Solutions for Industrial Gaskets & Hoses

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