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Metal Gaskets

Our metal gaskets sheets are quick and simple to install, and can be removed easily without residue. They are suitable for almost all types of flanges, and have a wide temperature fluctuation range.

Types of Metal Gaskets:

We provide metal gaskets that are suited for a variety of uses. Our affordably-priced products include: corrugated gasketsspiral wound gaskets, and kammprofile gaskets.

Spiral Wound Gaskets
Our Spiral Wound Gaskets are 304SS and 316SS with inner rings and a graphite filler.

Kammprofile Gaskets
Used for chemical, petrochemical, power station, refinery, and specialist applications. Kammprofile gaskets are constructed from a precision serrated metallic core with soft gasket materials – either using flexible graphite or expanded PTFE bonded to each side. These types of gaskets have incredible flexibility and recovery! They help maintain your seal’s integrity, even under extreme fluctuations.

Corrugated Metal Gaskets
Use a corrugated metal core and a graphite facing. Can also be PTFE faced for harsher applications. Corrugated gaskets provide excellent sealing performance in applications that make use of thermal cycling and low bolt load.

Premier Gasket Supplier for the Mountain West

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