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Structured PTFE Sheet Gasketing

Durable & Lasting Structured PTFE Gasketing – Tealon, Gylon, PTFE

We supply premium restructured gaskets and sheets to various industries. Whether your project calls for custom solutions or large-scale materials, we can help! We stock all types of gasket materials and source competitively.

What is Restructured PTFE?

Because of the way that restructured PTFE is manufactured, it contains unique physical properties previously unattainable with standard manufacturing processes. Its superior physical properties are consistent from one side of the sheet to the other, without irregularity. Garlock Gylon was the original structured PTFE brand and as their patents expired numerous other companies began producing comparable products. Teadit’s version of Gylon, Tealon has the same properties and is available in various sheet sizes and styles. Reduced creep relaxation, high conformity and almost universal chemical resistance  make it perfect for severe service applications. It is commonly recommended for chemical, petrochemical, and food processing applications.


  • Chemical Resistance: Tealon can withstand a broad range chemicals for long periods of time
  • Tighter Seal: performance is superior to conventional PTFE and ensures reduced emissions
  • Cost Savings: operational costs are reduced as maintenance is minimized
  • Variety of Sheet Sizes: Tealon comes in some of the largest sheet sizes available for better material utilization

Custom Cut Gaskets

We commonly stock general service sheet, high-temperature sheet, steam sheet, restructured ptfe, and expanded PTFE sheet. We can request different types of sheeting and can help you find a custom solution that meets the needs of your project. Our guarantee is that we will provide the best-quality materials so our customers can achieve the best possible outcomes.

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